Technical points of extruded feed

The basic principle of puffing processing The puffing process applied in feed production


The main equipment here is "screw extruder". The material is fed into the extruder, and the screw screw pushes the material to form an axial flow. At the same time, due to the mechanical friction between the screw and the material, the material and the barrel and the inside of the material, the material is strongly squeezed, stirred and sheared, and as a result, the material is further refined and homogenized. As the pressure gradually increases, the temperature increases accordingly. Under the conditions of high temperature, high pressure and high shear, the physical properties of the material change, from powder to paste, starch gelatinization, protein denaturation, fibrous partial degradation, Refinement, pathogenic bacteria are killed, health indicators are improved, and toxic components are inactivated. When the paste material is ejected from the die hole, under the action of a strong pressure difference, the material is puffed, dehydrated and cooled down. The puffed product has a loose, porous, crispy structure, and has good palatability and flavor.


Advantages of extruded feed

1. Products with different bulk density, adapt to the feeding habits of different aquatic fish and shrimp feeds, floating feed, sinking feed, slow-sinking feed

2. Improve the gelatinization degree of the finished feed, which is beneficial to the digestion and absorption of animals, reduce the ratio of feed to meat, and improve the feed conversion rate

3. High temperature sterilization and disinfection, which is beneficial to the production of clean feed and safe feed


4. Protect the environment and prevent water pollution and diseases

5. Improve palatability and food attraction, the puffed product has a crisp and loose structure, and can absorb a large amount of flavor substances and food attractants

6. Products of different shapes can be produced according to different templates to make up for the defects of the granulator


Aquatic feed processing quality and quality

1. Secondary crushing fineness 80-98% over 80 mesh

2. The fiber removal capacity of the high square sieve is 18-40% mesh

3. The uniformity of adding oil and water in the second batch is cv≤5%

4. Front conditioning system 60%-120s


5. Selection of extruder models, single and double screws of large and small models

6. Flat die design 200-300mm²T

7. Drying uniformity and moisture control ±0.5-±1

8. Rear fuel injection uniformity 1.5-20

Technical points of extruded feed
Time : 2022-05-14

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