Dry twin screw extruder

The twin-screw extruder produced by Jinan Dingrun Extrusion Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is composed of feeding system, extrusion system, heating system, transmission system, rotary cutting system and control system. The material is fed by the feeder, and the barrel is subjected to high temperature, high pressure, and high shear to expand the material to achieve the required quality requirements such as tissue state.


main feature:

     1. Feeding, rotary cutting and main drive all adopt frequency conversion speed regulation system, which has strong power, stable operation and energy saving.

    2. The screw is made of alloy material through a special process and has a long service life; the segmented combined screw is suitable for a wide range of raw materials and more diverse products.


    3. Automatic lubrication system reduces mechanical energy consumption and prolongs service life.

    4. The feeding system adopts spiral forced feeding, and the feeding is uniform and wide.

    5. Linear bearing tool adjustment system, adjust the tool accurately and quickly.

    6. The twin-screw has self-cleaning function, and the use of equipment is more reasonable and convenient.

    7. Update the technical configuration of various equipments to make the twin-screw extruder more stable in use and larger in output.


    8. Different screws and length-diameter ratios can meet different production processes.

    9. Visual automatic temperature control system to make temperature control more intuitive and parameters more accurate.

    10. The unique product control design makes the operation of the extruder more intuitive and the maintenance more convenient.

Main application range:

The twin-screw extruder has a wide range of raw materials, many product shapes and flexible configuration. Different models and configurations can be selected to produce different products.


At present, the main applications of twin-screw extruder are:

1. Production of various snack foods with corn and potatoes as raw materials;

2. Use flour as raw material to produce various simulated foods;

3. Use vegetable protein as raw material to produce tissue-like protein food (commonly known as artificial meat);

Fourth, it is made of grains, beans or potatoes as raw materials, and is made into staple food after puffing.

5. Puffed pet food, floating fish feed, etc.

In addition, other products can also be produced according to different equipment combinations. Such as: sandwich rice crackers, chocolate bars, bread crumbs, nutritious rice, modified starch, nutritious rice flour, etc.

  Mainly speaking, the production of puffed food is the most direct. Puffed food uses grains, beans, potatoes, vegetables, etc. as raw materials, and is processed by puffed food machinery and equipment to produce a wide variety of food with exquisite appearance, rich nutrition, crispy and delicious food. Therefore, a large category of food has been uniquely formed. Moreover, the equipment for producing the puffed food is simple in structure, easy in operation, less in equipment investment and quick in profit.

Dry twin screw extruder
Time : 2022-04-29

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